Internet Speed Test

Internet era began with the invent computers in 1950s, but it originally came into existence in 1982 with the standardization of TCP/IP. Since then internet has captured great attention and it has helped a lot in spreading information and knowledge, commerce, entertainment across the world which was never possible before. Internet is now an essential part of day to day activities, business and entertainment media heavily depends on internet.

According to an estimate the internet usage has increased upto 5 times from year 2000. Around 2.6 billion people have access to internet. Average worldwide broadbrand generates traffic equal to 11.4 GB/month which is equal to downloading 3000 emails/day or 100 MP3s/day.

South Korea is number 1 in terms of internet speed with download speed of 37 MBPS while USA at number 30. On the other hand United States leads the world in broadband usage with 96.45% population has internet access.

The IP traffic per internet user (GB/month) is 14.5 BN in North American, 9.7 BN in Europe and 8.5BN in Asia.

Internet speed is a major factor when it comes to choosing broadband. Internet companies quote the broadband download speed as key part of marketing campaigns.Internet Speed is normally measured in Mbs/Mbps or Megabits and internet connection performance is measured in its download and uploads speed.

Internet download speed is the rate at which it downloads a file/video stream from World Wide Web, while upload speed is the rate at which one an upload something on www. If you have trouble downloading any file/music or playing YouTube video it�s your download speed issue.

Upload speed is least factor for normal users. This is the reason upload speeds are generally much slower than download speeds. One may face upload speed issue while uploading large pictures to facebook or any social networking site.

Actual internet speed is always less than what written on your package or communicated to you by DSL marketing department. In fact it is likely that you will never actually get a speed of 8Mb on an 8Mb line unless you can see your telephone exchange out of your window. While advertised broadband download speeds now tend to start at 'up to 8Mb', the 'up to' can cover a pretty big range - one man's 8Mb connection can be another's 2Mb connection.

There are many easy way to find out actual internet speed you are getting click internet speed test to find out actual internet speed with all basic information e.g. ping rate, download speed and upload speed.